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Commission Update

November 2017

Julie I. Brown

Reasons for Giving Thanks Abound this Year

While November begins the busiest time of year, Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to slow down, reflect, and give thanks. This year, Floridians statewide were impacted in some way by Hurricane Irma. Some residents in the hardest hit areas have not yet fully recovered, and it’s important for us to keep them in our thoughts this Thanksgiving. For those looking for ways to assist, volunteers and donations are still needed at the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other agencies.

There’s also another way to assist those affected by the 2017 Hurricane Season. Tuesday, November 28, marks the sixth annual #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Following the widely recognized post-Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, focusing on holiday and end-of-year giving. Visit to learn more about the movement, participating organizations, and ways to help your neighbors. There is even a directory to help you easily find organizations, charities, and events in your community.

Sadly, charity is not on the minds of scammers, who tend to prey on unfortunate victims following weather-related events. The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has received reports of scammers posing as utility personnel, knocking on doors to access the homes of unsuspecting Florida utility customers. I remind everyone to be cautious. Utility employees always have a photo identification badge and are always in marked vehicles; they will never request to enter your home without a prior service appointment. If someone posing as a utility employee asks to enter your home, say "no" and dial 911 immediately. Employees of legitimate utilities also don’t ask for cash.

Post-Hurricane Irma debris clean up was also popular with scammers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a scam alert warning consumers to steer clear of contractors who promised to clean up debris immediately if they were paid in cash or received a cash deposit. The FTC also urged consumers to ask for a contractor’s license and certificate of insurance and to check with local officials to make sure the license is current. Scam artists are adept at taking advantage of those who are most vulnerable.

To help protect customers from becoming a victim, the Florida PSC created a SCAM Alert with helpful tips to identify and defend yourself from scammers’ tactics. Utilities nationwide are also concerned about growing scam incidents. A consortium of more than 100 U.S. and Canadian electric, water, and natural gas utilities have created Utilities United Against Scams (UUAS) to combat imposter utility scams. Visit to find the UUAS Consumer’s Guide to Imposter Utility Scams.

Hopefully, scammers looking to profit from Hurricane Irma did not affect you. Hurricane Season ends soon its last official day is November 30 and I am very thankful for that! If you were impacted by this year’s storms, the PSC wants to hear from you about power restoration time and how utility information was provided before, during, and after Hurricane Irma. Customer comments will be extremely valuable as part of the PSC’s ongoing review of utility hurricane preparedness and restoration actions. Utility customers can click on a link easily located on the PSC's homepage and submit their comments.

Shortly after Hurricane Irma, the PSC established a generic docket (Docket No. 20170215) to collect and analyze forensic data on the utilities' transmission and distribution facilities to discern the type and cause of damage. We plan to review utilities' hurricane preparedness and restoration actions, exploring the potential to further minimize infrastructure damage that results in outages. This extensive data collection and detailed analysis will include a workshop on hurricane preparedness with input from all electric utilities and stakeholders, including comments submitted by customers. Upon the conclusion of data collection and analysis, and consideration of all public comments, the Commission will consider options for immediate action.

The holiday season is upon us and I urge you to slow down and take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for this year. Also, check out #GivingTuesday to see the many ways the holiday giving spirit is alive and well, and how you can use the popular hashtag to pay it forward and help your neighbors.

Julie I. Brown, FPSC Chairman      


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December Commission Calendar

12/12 Commission Conference
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October / November Notable FPSC Dockets

Electric Industry
Docket No. 20170235
11/03/2017   -   Petition by Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) for authority to charge FPL rates to former City of Vero Beach customers and for approval of FPL's accounting treatment for City of Vero Beach transaction.

Docket No. 20170236
11/03/2017   -   Joint petition to terminate territorial agreement, by Florida Power & Light and the City of Vero Beach.

Telecommunications Industry
Docket No. 20170233
11/03/2017   -   Proposed amendment of Rule 25-4.0665, FAC, Lifeline Service, and Proposed Repeal of Rule 25-4.113, FAC, Refusal or Discontinuance of Service by Company.

Docket No. 20170242
11/14/2017   -   Application for certificate to provide pay telephone service by CenturyLink Communications, LLC.

Water and Wastewater Industry
Docket No. 20170244
11/14/2017   -   Request for approval of amendment to tariff for miscellaneous service charges in Lake County by Lakeside Waterworks, Inc.

October / November Notable FPSC Orders

Electric Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0426-PCO-EI   ♦ Docket No:   20170225
11/06/2017   -   Order PSC-2017-0426-PCO-EI establishing procedure.

Order No. PSC-2017-0434-FOF-EG   ♦ Docket No:   20170002
11/14/2017   -   Final Order PSC-2017-0434-FOF-EG approving energy conservation cost recovery amounts and related tariffs and establishing energy conservation cost recovery factors for 1/18 through 12/18; docket shall remain open.

Order No. PSC-2017-0449-PAA-EI   ♦ Docket No:   20170169
11/20/2017   -   PAA Order PSC-2017-0449-PAA-EI approving negotiated renewable energy contract between GPC and Bay County; utility shall be permitted to petition for recovery of costs associated with the negotiated renewable energy contract through the fuel and purchased power recovery clause; any proceeds received as a result of selling Renewable Energy Credits shall go to the benefit of the ratepayers; if no protest, order shall become final and effective upon the issuance of CO; docket to be close if order becomes final; protest due 12/11/17.

Order No. PSC-2017-0451-AS-EU   ♦ Docket No:   20100437 20150171 20170001 20170002 20170009 20170183
11/20/2017   -   Final Order PSC-2017-0451-AS-EU approving Duke Energy’s petition for the 2017 revised and restated settlement agreement and all matters contained in attached exhibits; approving new and revised tariff sheets reflecting final rates and charges; if no timely appeal, Dockets 20170183-EI and 100437-EI to be closed; Dockets 150171-EI, 20170001-EI, 20170002-EI and 20170009-EI to remain open for future disposition by Commission.

Gas Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0419-FOF-GU   ♦ Docket No:   20170003
11/01/2017   -   Order PSC-2017-0419-FOF-GU approving purchased gas adjustment true-up amounts; establishing purchased gas cost recovery factors during the period of 1/18 through 12/18; docket to remain open.

Order No. PSC-2017-0427-PCO-GU   ♦ Docket No:   20170179
11/07/2017   -   Order PSC-2017-0427-PCO-GU establishing procedure.

Order No. PSC-2017-0433-TRF-GU   ♦ Docket No:   20170192
11/14/2017   -   Order PSC-2017-0433-TRF-GU approving Peoples’ CI/BSR rider 2018 surcharge as stated on Attachment B; surcharges effective 1/1/18; if no timely protest, docket to be closed upon issuance of a CO; protest due 12/05/2017.

Order No. PSC-2017-0435-FOF-GU   ♦ Docket No:   20170004
11/14/2017   -   Final Order PSC-2017-0435-FOF-GU approving energy conservation cost recovery amounts and related tariffs and establishing energy conservation cost recovery factors for 1/18 through 12/18.

Order No. PSC-2017-0437-TRF-GU   ♦ Docket No:   20170190
11/16/2017   -   Order PSC-2017-0437-TRF-GU approving 2018 grip surcharges effective 1/18 through 12/18; if no protest, docket to be closed upon issuance of a CO; protest due 12/7/17.