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Commission Update

July 2017

Julie I. Brown

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For 130 years, the Florida Public Service Commission has been helping Florida's utilities serve the public interest. We are the state agency responsible for making sure that investor-owned electric, water, wastewater, and natural gas companies provide safe and reliable services, while keeping their costs in check.

Tracing our history to 1887, the PSC has regulated a number of industries, including railroads, telegraph service, toll bridges, intrastate trucking, bus service, and airlines. Changes in the laws, advances in technology, and shifts in the economy caused some industries to no longer require economic regulation. As utilities have changed with the times, so have we.

Perhaps one of our biggest changes is how we deliver information to consumers. Customers in the 1880s relied on newspapers for information on a railroad's rate case before the Commission. Today, customers read their "newspapers" from websites accessed on their phone. A visit to would amaze our first Commissioners–a wealth of PSC information is at your fingertips!

On the home page, you can listen to my Welcome Message and find information about the PSC Commissioners. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, serve four-year terms, and can be reappointed. You'll also learn the services we do - and do not - regulate and find helpful tabs leading you to other valuable information.

The Commission's work is a delicate balancing act: balancing the needs of the utilities and their shareholders to make a reasonable return on their investments with the needs of consumers for safe, reliable service. Whenever an electric, natural gas, water, or wastewater utility under the PSC's jurisdiction wants to change its rates, the utility must come before the PSC. If you go to the Publications tab and then click, Reports and Other Resources, you'll find a variety of reports, including our Annual Report that highlights our accomplishments each year.

When a utility requests a rate change, the PSC performs an extensive investigation. We hold one or more customer hearings within the utility's service area so that Commissioners can hear from the public. All of this helpful information is in the Utility Ratemaking brochure (under Publications, Consumer Brochures), but you'll see even more clearly what occurred in recent rate cases if you click, Publications, and, Rate Case Overviews.

In addition to setting utility rates, the PSC ensures that the utilities provide their services safely and reliably. We also inspect the utilities' equipment to make sure it meets our safety and service standards. Under Publications, Reports and other Resources, you'll find two comprehensive reports: Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Report and the Electric Utility Distribution Reliability Reports , filed annually by utilities.

The PSC is dedicated to educating Florida's consumers on the constantly changing utility choices they face. We want consumers to know how to protect themselves and know where to turn if they can't resolve their utility problems on their own. Under Publications, you can look up Consumer Brochures and find a variety of fact sheets and brochures to help you make wise choices about everything from energy and water conservation to reducing your utility bills. Under Consumer Assistance, you can look up consumer tips highlighted in video and text, including Prepare Your Air-Conditioner for Summer; It's Hurricane Season, So Be Prepared!; and Avoiding Scams. The Consumer Connection E-Newsletter is also available under Consumer Assistance.

It's easy for consumers to contact us with complaints or questions by calling 800-342-3552. Both English and Spanish-speaking analysts are ready to help you with questions or concerns about your electric, natural gas, water or wastewater service. Under the Consumer Assistance tab on our website, you'll find an online complaint form to fill out and you can find information about Lifeline Assistance discounted telephone service.

The 1880s was a time of advancement, invention, and enterprise in the world of utility regulation, as well as moving images. When the first three Florida PSC Commissioners were serving, inventors - including Thomas Edison - were working on innovative technology to capture and project moving images. Although "moving pictures" had started rolling, those Commissioners could not have imagined that PSC meetings would one day be televised. Today, you can go to Conferences and Meeting Agendas, and hit Audio and Video Coverage to access commission events and meetings or to find archived video and audio meeting broadcasts.

Unlike those first Commissioners who never experienced the information age, for us the Internet is readily accessible. So, while you're busy surfing the web, I invite you to visit and explore our agency, our mission, the utilities we regulate, our consumer resources, and much more. To see us live in action, I also invite you to tune in to our Commission Conferences!

Julie I. Brown, FPSC Chairman      


Call toll-free number: 800-342-3552
Fax toll-free: 800-511-0809

Send a letter to: The Florida Public Service Commission
2540 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0850

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August Commission Calendar

8/2 Nuclear Cost Recovery Prehearing
8/3 Commission Conference
8/3 Utilities Inc. of Florida Special Commission Conference
8/15-18 Nuclear Cost Recover Hearing

July News Releases

Florida PSC Commission Conference on Thursday

PSC Again Reduces Monthly Surcharge for Florida Relay System

Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites Receives PSC’s Triple E Award

PSC's July Helping Hand is Lafayette County Senior Center in Mayo

June / July Notable FPSC Dockets

Electric Industry
Docket No. 20170150
07/03/2017   -   Petition for limited proceeding to include reliability and modernization projects in rate base, by Florida Public Utilities Company.

Telecommunications Industry
Docket No. 20170156
07/20/2017   -   Request for approval of interconnection agreement between Windstream Florida, LLC and Broadvox-CLEC, LLC.

Wastewater Industry
Docket No. 20170152
07/14/2017   -   Request for approval of a late payment charge in Volusia County, by North Peninsula Utilities Corporation.

June / July Notable FPSC Orders

Electric Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0278-PAA-EQ   ♦ Docket No:   20170077
07/18/2017   -   PAA Order PSC-2017-0278-PAA-EQ approving FPL's revised renewable energy tariff and standard offer contract and related rate schedules; if no protest is filed, order becomes final; docket to be closed on issuance of CO; protest due 8/8/17.

Order No. PSC-2017-0279-PAA-EQ   ♦ Docket No:   20170070
07/18/2017   -   PAA Order PSC-2017-0279-PAA-EQ approving FPUC's revised standard offer contract and related rate schedules; docket to be closed on issuance of CO; if no protest is filed order becomes final; protest due 8/8/17

Telecommunications Industry
Order No. PSC-2017-0259-CO-TX   ♦ Docket No:   20170092
07/10/2017   -   Consummating Order PSC-2017-0259-CO-TX makes Order PSC-17-0228-PAA-TX effective and final; docket to be closed.

Order No. PSC-2017-0282-CO-TX   ♦ Docket No:   20170021
07/20/2017   -   Consummating Order PSC-2017-0282-CO-TX makes Order PSC-17-0245-PAA-TX effective and final; docket to be closed.