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Facts on Recent FPSC Decisions

Company Title PDF size(KB) Docket Report Date
FEECA Utilities Fact Sheet: Overview of the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act 24 20130199-EI July 2014
Neustar, Inc. FAQ’s: Florida Keys 786 Area Code Overlay Implementation 115 20140116-TP July 2014
Duke Energy Florida, Inc. FAQ’s: Duke Energy Florida, Inc. Revised and Restated Settlement Agreement 18 20130208-EI October 2013
Florida Power & Light Fact Sheet: Florida Power & Light Company Rate Increase Request 35 20120015-EI January 2013
Tampa Electric Company Fact Sheet: Tampa Electric Company's petition for approval of a new Gypsum Storage Facility Program 19 20110262-EI September 2012
Labrador Utilities Fact Sheet: Labrador Utilities, Inc. Rate Increase Request 42 20110264-WS March 2012
Florida Power & Light Fact Sheet: Florida Power & Light Company Need Determination, Petition to Modernize Port Everglades Plant 17 20110309-EI March 2012
Gulf Power Fact Sheet: Gulf Power Company Rate Increase Request 23 20110138-EI March 2012
Progress Energy Florida Fact Sheet: Progress Energy Florida's Multi-Year Settlement Agreement 16 20120022-EI February 2012
Aqua Utilities Florida Fact Sheet: Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc. Rate Increase Request 29 20100330-WS February 2012