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PSC Docket List

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk and is refreshed throughout the day.
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CASRs Revised Between 3/30/2017 and 4/29/2017 (25 Records)
Docket Number Date Docketed CASR Approved Docket Title Docket Filings
871179-TC 11/09/1987 11/12/1987 Application of LANDS END OYSTER BAR, INC. for certificate to provide pay telephone service. [Docket Filings]
870310-TL 3/26/1987 3/31/1987 CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF FLORIDA's tariff proposal to Implement a new tariff for direct inward dial trunks. (t-87-065, filed 2-23-87). [Docket Filings]
870266-TL 3/16/1987 4/14/1987 CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF FLORIDA 1986 earnings investigation. [Docket Filings]
870102-TC 1/27/1987 1/29/1987 Application of GARY LAMAN d/b/a SEVILLE APARTMENT for certificate to provide Pay Telephone Service. [Docket Filings]
861591-WS 12/15/1986 3/5/1987 Application for transfer of SKYLINE HILLS WATER SYSTEM in Lake County from SOUTHERN STATES UTILITIES, INC. to the Town of Lady Lake. [Docket Filings]
861484-WS 11/07/1986 11/26/1986 Investigation of unauthorized service by ROLLING OAKS UTILITIES, INC. in Citrus County. [Docket Filings]
840414-EI 11/14/1984 1/23/1985 Petition of FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY for a declaratory statement regarding obligation to provide electric service. [Docket Filings]
840403-EI 11/05/1984 12/11/1984 Investigation into the rate structure of FLORIDA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMPANY, Fernandina Beach and Marianna Divisions. [Docket Filings]
830538-TL 11/21/1983 3/18/1987 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY's proposal for local Dial-It service. (T-83-277) [Docket Filings]
170045-TC 2/27/2017 3/7/2017 Request for approval of name change on PATS Certificate No. 8646 from A.C.T. Advanced Communication Technologies Inc. to A.C.T. Advanced Communication Technologies. [Docket Filings]
170016-WS 1/12/2017 1/30/2017 Application for transfer of water and wastewater facilities to Babcock Ranch Community Independent Special District in Charlotte and Lee County, and cancellation of Certificate Nos. 613-W and 543-S, by MSKP Town and Country Utility, LLC. [Docket Filings]
170015-EI 1/10/2017 1/24/2017 Petition to amend energy education, awareness and agency outreach program, by Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
170014-EI 1/10/2017 1/24/2017 Petition for approval of ENERGY STAR program for new multi-family residences, by Tampa Electric Company. [Docket Filings]
170010-GU 1/03/2017 1/11/2017 Joint petition requesting approval of territorial agreement for Escambia County, by City of Pensacola d/b/a Pensacola Energy and Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation. [Docket Filings]
170001-EI 1/03/2017 1/9/2017 Fuel and purchased power cost recovery clause with generating performance incentive factor. [Docket Filings]
160238-WS 11/15/2016 11/28/2016 Application of B & C Water Resources, L.L.C. and D & E Water Resources, L.L.C. for transfer of majority organizational control. [Docket Filings]
160195-WS 8/26/2016 9/9/2016 Application for staff-assisted rate case in Lake County by Lakeside Waterworks, Inc. [Docket Filings]
160186-EI 8/12/2016 8/25/2016 Petition for rate increase by Gulf Power Company. [Docket Filings]
160165-SU 7/12/2016 7/20/2016 Application for staff-assisted rate case in Gulf County by ESAD Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Beaches Sewer Systems, Inc. [Docket Filings]
160101-WS 4/28/2016 5/6/2016 Application for increase in water and wastewater rates in Charlotte, Highlands, Lake, Lee, Marion, Orange, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, and Seminole Counties by Utilities, Inc. of Florida. [Docket Filings]
160065-WU 3/23/2016 4/8/2016 Application for increase in water rates in Charlotte County by Bocilla Utilities, Inc. [Docket Filings]
150217-EI 10/07/2015 10/19/2015 Florida Power & Light Company's request for confidentiality of selected staff work papers related to the Review of Data Accuracy in Electric Reliability Reporting by Florida Electric IOUs. [Docket Filings]
150071-SU 3/03/2015 3/11/2015 Application for increase in wastewater rates in Monroe County by K W Resort Utilities Corp. [Docket Filings]
130265-WU 11/04/2013 12/3/2013 Application for staff-assisted rate case in Charlotte County by Little Gasparilla Water Utility, Inc. [Docket Filings]
120200-EI 7/24/2012 7/27/2012 Request for confidential classification of document request responses and portions of staff's audit report entitled Review of the Payment Arrangement Programs Offered by the Florida Electric Industry by Gulf Power Company. [Docket Filings]