WEEK OF AUGUST 21 - 25, 2018

Division of Accounting & Finance
DOCKET : 20170177-EI
DOCKETED : 08/21/2017
PROGMOD : A.6.(a)
COMPANY : Florida Power & Light Company (EI802)
TITLE : Application for authority to issue and sell securities during calendar years 2018 and 2019 pursuant to Section 366.04, F.S., and Chapter 25-8, F.A.C., by Florida Power & Light Company.
OPR : AFD - Richards, Christopher
S/C : Taylor, Wesley

Division of Economics
DOCKET : 20170179-GU
DOCKETED : 08/23/2017
PROGMOD : A.1.(a)
COMPANY : Florida City Gas (GU602)
TITLE : Petition for rate increase by Florida City Gas.
OPR : ECO - Draper, Elisabeth
OCR : AFD - Bulecza-Banks, Cheryl; Buys, Dale; Cicchetti, Mark; Fletcher, Stephen; Mouring, Curtis; Passett, Richard; Richards, Christopher; Smith II, Gary; Smith, Daniel; Vogel, Matthew; APA - Deamer, Lynn; Glover, Marisa; ENG - Ellis, Phillip; Graves, Robert; King, Laura; Knoblauch, Emily; Lee, Daniel; Lewis, Clayton
S/C : Crawford, Jennifer; Trierweiler, Walter; Janjic, Danijela; DuVal, Margo

DOCKET : 20170180-GU
DOCKETED : 08/23/2017
PROGMOD : A.4.(c)
COMPANY : Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (GU616); Mosaic Fertilizer LLC
TITLE : Petition by the Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation for approval of special contract with Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.
OPR : ECO - Doherty, Riley
S/C : Mapp, Kyesha

DOCKET : 20170181-EI
DOCKETED : 08/25/2017
PROGMOD : B.3.(a)
COMPANY : Tampa Electric Company (EI806)
TITLE : Petition for expedited approval of temporary territorial variance, by Tampa Electric Company.
OPR : ECO - Doherty, Riley
OCR : ENG - Ellis, Phillip; Wooten, Orlando
S/C : Mapp, Kyesha

Division of Engineering
DOCKET : 20170178-WS
DOCKETED : 08/21/2017
PROGMOD : B.1.(a)
COMPANY : Coastal Income Properties - The Harbor, LLC d/b/a The Harbor (WS975)
TITLE : Application for original certificates of authorization for existing utility currently charging for water and wastewater service in Polk County, by Coastal Income Properties - The Harbor, LLC d/b/a The Harbor.
OPR : ENG - Watts, Melinda
OCR : AFD - Bulecza-Banks, Cheryl; Fletcher, Stephen; Johnson, Charles; Norris, Amber; ECO - Bruce, Sonica; Johnson, Charles
S/C : Trierweiler, Walter