WEEK OF MAY 21 - 25, 2019

Division of Economics
DOCKET : 20180123-EI
DOCKETED : 05/23/2018
PROGMOD : A.4.(b)
COMPANY : Duke Energy Florida, LLC d/b/a Duke Energy (EI801)
TITLE : Petition for approval of modifications to Section No. IV, general rules and regulations governing electric service, Part VIII billing, residential and non-residential budget billing, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC.
OPR : ECO - Doherty, Riley
S/C : Trierweiler, Walter

Office of Industry Development & Market Analysis
DOCKET : 20180122-TP
DOCKETED : 05/23/2018
PROGMOD : A.19; B.11
COMPANY : Frontier Florida LLC (TL710); ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc. (TL712); Northeast Florida Telephone Company d/b/a NEFCOM (TL715); Windstream Florida, LLC (TL716); Quincy Telephone Company d/b/a TDS Telecom (TL718); Consolidated Communicatons/GTC (TL719); BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC d/b/a AT&T Florida d/b/a AT&T Southeast (TL720); Embarq Florida, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink (TL727); Smart City Telecommunications LLC d/b/a Smart City Telecom (TL731); Frontier Communications of the South, LLC (TL732); Knology of Florida, Inc. d/b/a WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone (TX215)
TITLE : 2019 State certification under 47 C.F.R. §54.313 and §54.314, annual reporting requirements for high-cost recipients and certification of support for eligible telecommunications carriers.
OPR : IDM - Wooten, Eric
S/C : Murphy, Charles

DOCKET : 20180126-TX
DOCKETED : 05/25/2018
PROGMOD : B.1.(d)
COMPANY : Lightower Fiber Networks II, LLC (TY152); Crown Castle Fiber LLC
TITLE : Request for approval of name change on Certificate of Authority No. 8917 from Lightower Fiber Networks II, LLC to Crown Castle Fiber LLC.
OPR : IDM - Wendel, Brandon
S/C : Trice, Rodney

Office of the General Counsel
DOCKET : 20180121-EG
DOCKETED : 05/21/2018
PROGMOD : A.11.(a)
COMPANY : Duke Energy Florida, LLC d/b/a Duke Energy (EI801); Florida Power & Light Company (EI802); Florida Public Utilities Company (EI803); Gulf Power Company (EI804); Tampa Electric Company (EI806); Florida City Gas (GU602); Florida Public Utilities Company (GU603); Florida Public Utilities Company (GU606); Peoples Gas System (GU608); St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc. (GU610); Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (GU616); Florida Public Utilities Company (GU618); Sebring Gas System, Inc. (GU617)
TITLE : Amendment of Rule 25-17.015, F.A.C., Energy Conservation Cost Recovery Clause.
OPR : GCL - Harper, Adria
OCR : ECO - Coston, William; Guffey, Sevini; McNulty, William
S/C : Harper, Adria

DOCKET : 20180124-EQ
DOCKETED : 05/23/2018
PROGMOD : B.8.(a); A.12.(a)
COMPANY : Vivent Solar Developer, LLC
TITLE : Petition for declaratory statement concerning leasing of solar equipment, by Vivint Solar Developer, LLC.
OPR : GCL - Harper, Adria
OCR : IDM - Crawford, Benjamin
S/C : Harper, Adria

DOCKET : 20180125-EU
DOCKETED : 05/24/2018
COMPANY : Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, Inc. (EC907); Gulf Power Company (EI804)
TITLE : Complaint against Gulf Power Company for expedited enforcement of territorial order, by Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, Inc.
OPR : GCL - Schrader, Kurt
OCR : ECO - Merryday, Henry; ENG - Ballinger, Thomas; Graves, Robert
S/C : Schrader, Kurt; Crawford, Jennifer; King, Andrew