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Consumer Tip Monday, March 3, 2014

How to File an Effective Complaint

The PSC regulates most of the investor-owned electric, natural gas, water and wastewater utility companies in the state, and oversees some telecommunications programs like payphones and the Lifeline telephone assistance program. While we are a large agency that handles numerous responsibilities, it is very important to us that the concerns and comments of consumers are always heard and addressed. If you require assistance solving a regulated-utility issue, consumers can reach the PSC five different ways.

One way is to complete an online complaint form through our website at w-w-w (dot) floridapsc (dot) com. You can also email us through the email address listed on the PSC main website, or fax us through our Toll Free Fax line at: 1-800-511-0809. You can send us a letter. However, the most common and quickest way to contact the PSC is through our Consumer Assistance Bureau at our toll-free number, 1-800-342-3552.

We understand that having utility issues can be a frustrating time for you. The PSC is here to help consumers the best way we can. We do this through the analysts who take each complaint and assess how best to work with consumers to mediate the issue. However, to make sure the process is as efficient and pleasant as possible, there are some things that consumers can remember to do when filing a complaint.

For more information on filing complaints, visit: ConsumerAssistance/ConsumerTips.

How to file an effective complaint