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Consumer Tip Monday, June 2, 2014


Did you know that Florida has the country’s largest underground freshwater reserves? While that thought may give you some peace of mind, that doesn’t mean that our drinkable water source is forever. Every day we use water to meet a plethora of our needs, whether they be agricultural, domestic, industrial, medical, or recreational. As populations grow, new communities develop, and other natural occurrences such as saltwater intrusion happen, it is more important than ever that we adopt water conservation habits that will be beneficial in the long run. It also helps your wallet, when the tools you use are reflected in lower water bills.

The PSC is sharing a few water conservation tips from the Water, Use it Wisely website, that you can do in your home that can help protect this vital resource.

For more information on water conservation, visit: ConsumerAssistance/ConsumerTips.

Water, Use it Wisely