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Consumer Tip Sunday, August 6, 2006

How Much Water is Enough?

It's that time of year when we drag out the sprinklers to water the lawn.  How do you know just how much water your lawn needs?  Here are some lawn watering tips offered by the Southwest Florida Water Management District:

  • Many residents water their lawns too much. Most lawns need only one inch of water every five to seven days in the summer and every 10 to 14 days in the winter. A heavy rain means you don't have to water at all!

  • How do you know when your lawn has soaked up enough water to maintain its health? Buy a rain gauge to determine how much rain or irrigation your yard has received.

  • Instead of beautifying your yard with plants and flowers that need a lot of water, try some Xeriscape (pronounced ZERE-AH-SCAPE) techniques. This landscaping method uses native and drought-tolerant plants, mulch to hold in moisture, and grouping plants according to their water and light needs. Call your county extension office to get more detailed information on Xeriscape.

  • When mowing, raise the blade on your lawn mower to at least three inches high, or to its highest level. Closely-clipped grass makes the roots work harder, thus requiring more water.

  • Water your lawn only on the days and times allowed if your county has watering restrictions.

  • Check sprinkler systems to make sure they work properly.

  • Make sure sprinklers do not spray water on driveways or streets.

  • Dispose of oil, fertilizers, and other chemicals properly.