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Company Annual Reports

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Company Code Company Name (160 companies) Annual Reports
EI801 Duke Energy [View]
EI802 Florida Power & Light Company [View]
EI803 Florida Public Utilities Company [View]
EI804 Gulf Power Company [View]
EI806 Tampa Electric Company [View]
GP004 Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc. [View]
GP005 SeaCoast Gas Transmission, LLC [View]
GU602 Florida City Gas [View]
GU603 Florida Public Utilities Company [View]
GU606 Florida Public Utilities Company - Indiantown Division [View]
GU608 Peoples Gas System [View]
GU610 St. Joe Natural Gas Company, Inc. [View]
GU616 Florida Division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation [View]
GU617 Sebring Gas System, Inc. [View]
GU618 Florida Public Utilities Company - Fort Meade Division [View]
SU287 Environmental Protection Systems of Pine Island, Inc. [View]
SU291 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
SU293 Forest Utilities, Inc. [View]
SU327 S & L Utilities, Inc. [View]
SU336 K W Resort Utilities Corp. [View]
SU595 BFF Corp. [View]
SU615 North Peninsula Utilities Corporation [View]
SU640 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
SU648 Fairmount Utilities, the 2nd, Inc. [View]
SU661 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
SU724 Pine Island Cove Homeowners Association, Inc. [View]
SU749 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
SU785 Crooked Lake Park Sewerage Company [View]
SU848 Beaches Sewer System [View]
SU866 HV Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
SU877 The Vantage Development Corporation [View]
SU915 Ni Florida, LLC [View]
SU942 TKCB [View]
SU952 Farmton Water Resources LLC [View]
SU957 Harbor Waterworks, Inc. [View]
SU959 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
SU965 Merritt Island Utility Company, Inc. [View]
SU966 Coastal Income Properties - Zachary Taylor LLC [View]
TL732 Frontier Communications of the South, LLC [View]
WS090 Commercial Utilities, Division of Grace and Company, Inc. [View]
WS120 Indiantown Company, Inc. [View]
WS160 Marion Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS172 Northgate Properties, Inc. [View]
WS180 Orangewood Lakes Services, Inc. [View]
WS189 Parkland Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS236 Water Management Services, Inc. [View]
WS246 Tymber Creek Utilities, Incorporated [View]
WS249 Useppa Island Utility, Inc. [View]
WS251 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WS345 Sebring Ridge Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS350 Tradewinds Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS570 Royal Utility Company [View]
WS638 Southlake Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS641 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WS652 FIMC Hideaway, Inc. [View]
WS662 St. Johns Landing Utilities Services [View]
WS709 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WS719 C.F.A.T. H2O, Inc. [View]
WS731 Coral Cay Water & Sewer Company [View]
WS746 Sun Communities Operating Limited Partnership [View]
WS754 Sunny Shores Water Co. [View]
WS755 Water Oak Utility [View]
WS770 Grenelefe Resort Utility, Inc. [View]
WS789 Orchid Springs Development Corporation [View]
WS800 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WS812 S. V. Utilities, Ltd. [View]
WS814 Hidden Cove, Ltd. [View]
WS815 Four Lakes Golf Club, Ltd. [View]
WS816 CHC VII, Ltd. [View]
WS817 Anglers Cove West, Ltd. [View]
WS832 Palm Valley Utilities [View]
WS850 River Ranch Water Management, L.L.C. [View]
WS857 Buttonwood Bay Utilities [View]
WS873 St. James Island Utility Company [View]
WS897 Central Sumter Utility Company, LLC [View]
WS899 Gold Coast Utility Corp. [View]
WS905 D & E Water Resources, L.L.C. [View]
WS906 St. John's River Club Utility Company, LLC [View]
WS907 Silver Lake Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS912 Orange Blossom Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS918 TBBT Utility LLC [View]
WS919 Regency Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS922 Sun River Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS926 North Beach Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS929 Pluris Wedgefield, Inc. [View]
WS933 Grove Land Utilities, LLC [View]
WS934 Bluefield Utilities, LLC [View]
WS945 OB Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WS946 COL Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WS948 MFL Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WS949 Aquarina Utilities, Inc. [View]
WS955 CAP Utilities, LLC [View]
WS958 Hometown Canada Utility, Inc. [View]
WS960 GCP Plantation Landings, LLC [View]
WS961 MHC OL Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WS962 Lakeside Waterworks. Inc. [View]
WS963 LP Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WS964 Consolidated Services of Hendry & Collier, LLC [View]
WS965 The Woods Utility Company [View]
WS966 Sunny Hills Utility Company [View]
WS967 Sunlake Estates Utilities, L.L.C. [View]
WS968 HC Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WS969 Jumper Creek Utility Company [View]
WS970 East Marion Utilities, LLC [View]
WS972 South Sumter Utility Company, L.L.C. [View]
WS973 Deer Creek RV Golf & Country Club, Inc. [View]
WS975 Coastal Income Properties - The Harbor [View]
WU167 Mobile Manor Water Company, Inc. [View]
WU193 Placid Lakes Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU239 Sunshine Utilities of Central Florida, Inc. [View]
WU372 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WU383 Neighborhood Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU413 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WU443 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WU533 Lighthouse Utilities Company, Inc. [View]
WU553 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WU556 Allen Lafortune and Otis Fonder [View]
WU628 Utilities, Inc. of Florida [View]
WU643 East Central Florida Services, Inc. [View]
WU671 Peoples Water Service Company of Florida, Inc. [View]
WU711 Joyland Water System [View]
WU725 Century Estates Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU730 Buccaneer Water Service [View]
WU771 Keen Sales, Rentals and Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU776 Park Water Company [View]
WU791 Mountain Lake Corporation [View]
WU859 Farmton Water Resources LLC [View]
WU870 Sunrise Utilities, LLC [View]
WU871 Alturas Utilities, L.L.C. [View]
WU889 B & C Water Resources, L.L.C. [View]
WU917 Cedar Acres Inc [View]
WU920 Ni Florida, LLC [View]
WU927 Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor Utility [View]
WU930 Arma Water Service, LLC [View]
WU937 Wildwood Water Company [View]
WU947 HV Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WU950 Hash Utilities, LLC [View]
WU954 Pinecrest Utilities, LLC [View]
WU956 Harbor Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU959 GCP Fairfield Village, LLC [View]
WU960 MHC HV FL Utility Systems, L.L.C. [View]
WU961 Little Gasparilla Water Utility, Inc. [View]
WU962 Bocilla Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU963 NHC Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU965 Brevard Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU966 Ocala Palms Utilities, LLC [View]
WU967 Country Walk Utilities, Inc. [View]
WU968 Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU969 Raintree Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU970 Lake Idlewild Utility Company [View]
WU971 Crestridge Utilities, LLC [View]
WU972 Holiday Gardens Utilities, LLC [View]
WU973 Southwest Ocala Utility, Inc. [View]
WU974 Black Bear Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU975 Charlie Creek Utilities, LLC [View]
WU976 Oak Springs MHC, LLC [View]
WU977 Orange Land Utilities, LLC [View]
WU978 Pine Harbour Waterworks, Inc. [View]
WU979 McLeod Gardens Utilities, LLC [View]
WU981 Seminole Waterworks, Inc. [View]