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Associated Dockets

Current CLOSED Dockets Associated with TI119 (5 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
19921187 Application for certificate to provide interexchange telecommunications service by TOTAL-TEL USA COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
19971102 Cancellation by Florida Public Service Commission of Interexchange Telecommunications Certificate No. 3157 issued to Total-Tel USA Communications, Inc. for violation of Rule 25-4.0161, F.A.C., Regulatory Assessment Fees.
20040607 Petition for waiver of carrier selection requirements of Rule 25-4.118, F.A.C., to allow Covista, Inc. to transfer certain commercial long distance customer accounts to PaeTec Communications, Inc.
19971595 Request for name change on Interexchange Telecommunications Certificate No. 3157 from Total-Tel USA Communications, Inc. to TotalTel, Inc.
20001696 Request for name change on IXC Certificate No. 3157 from TotalTel, Inc. to Covista, Inc.