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Associated Dockets

Current CLOSED Dockets Associated with TJ790 (4 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
20060470 Compliance investigation of IXC registration holders for apparent second-time violation of Section 364.336, F.S.
20050940 Request for waiver of carrier selection requirements of Rule 25-4.118, FAC, due to asset purchase agreement, whereby Florida Phone Service, Inc. will acquire local exchange and long distance telecommunications assets of Azul Tel, Inc., including, but not limited to, Azul Tel's customer accounts in the State of Florida.
20040966 Compliance investigation of Azul Tel, Inc. for apparent violation of Section 364.336, Florida Statutes.
20030441 Acknowledgment of registration as intrastate interexchange telecommunications company effective May 23, 2003, by Azul Tel, Inc.