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Associated Dockets

Current CLOSED Dockets Associated with TK028 (2 dockets)
Docket Number Docket Title
20100174 Request of Matrix Telecom, Inc. for waiver of Rule 25-4.118, F.A.C., Local, Local Toll or Toll Provider Selection regarding a transaction where Matrix will acquire substantially all of the assets and customers of Comtel Telcom Assets LP, and request for cancellation of Comtel Telcom Assets LP's CLEC Certificates No. 5687, 4695, 4699 and IXC Registration Nos. TK025, TK028, and TK029.
20050648 Acknowledgment of registrations as intrastate interexchange telecommunications companies by Comtel Telcom Assets LP d/b/a VarTec Telecom and Clear Choice Communications, Comtel Telcom Assets LP d/b/a Excel Telecommunications, and Comtel Telcom Assets LP d/b/a VarTec Solutions; acknowledgment of cancellation of IXC Registration Nos. TI922, TI070, and TI291 by Excel Telecommunications, Inc., VarTec Telecom, Inc. d/b/a VarTec Telecom and Clear Choice Communications, and VarTec Solutions, Inc., respectively; and request for waiver of carrier selection requirements of Rule 25-4.118, F.A.C.; effective upon written notification from Comtel Telcom Assets LP that transfer of assets is complete.