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Docket Details

This information displays the latest update to records on file with the Office of Commission Clerk.
Docket 20090531 (CLOSED) -- Application for staff-assisted rate case in Highlands County by Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.
Document Filings Index
Time Schedule (CASR) for Docket 20090531
Description Due Date Completion Date
Forms Requesting Assistance Filed 12/08/2009 12/08/2009
AUS Initial Review Report 12/29/2009 None
Committee Meets to Discuss 01/05/2010 None
AUS Audit Request 01/05/2010 None
SARC Approval/Denial Letter 01/05/2010 01/07/2010
Company Pays Filing Fee 02/04/2010 01/20/2010
Audit Report Due 03/05/2010 03/04/2010
Engineering Analysis Due to Analyst 03/12/2010 None
Informal Meeting 03/17/2010 03/17/2010
Prlmnry Staff Report to Eco. & Rates for Analysis 04/02/2010 None
Repression/Conservation Analysis to Staff 04/09/2010 None
Engineering/Repression Cons. Issues to Analyst 04/16/2010 None
Prlmnry Staff Report to Supervisor 04/23/2010 None
OPR Provides Legal with Customer Notice Data 04/30/2010 None
Legal Sends Notice and Reports to Company 05/11/2010 None
FAW Notice Filed 05/11/2010 05/12/2010
Customer Meeting (Lake Placid) 06/10/2010 06/10/2010
Informal Meeting (Staff) 06/16/2010 06/16/2010
Staff Recommendation 10/14/2010 10/14/2010
Agenda (Deferred) 10/26/2010 10/26/2010
Informal Meeting (Staff) 11/05/2010 11/05/2010
Staff Recommendation 12/02/2010 12/02/2010
Agenda 12/14/2010 12/14/2010
PAA Order 01/03/2011 01/05/2011
Protest Period Expires 01/26/2011 None
Consummating Order if No Protest 01/31/2011 01/31/2011
Close Docket or Revise CASR 02/03/2011 02/04/2011
Revised CASR Due 01/22/2015 None

Utilities Involved in Docket 20090531
Utility Companies (1) Select Company
Lake Placid Utilities, Inc. (WS709)

Parties of Record and Interested Parties in Docket 20090531
Parties of Record (3)
Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.
Mr. Patrick C. Flynn
200 Weathersfield Avenue
Altamonte Springs FL 32714-4027
(407) 869-1919 ext 1
(407) 869-6961
Represented By: Rose Law Firm
Office of Public Counsel (10e)
J.R. Kelly/Stephen C. Reilly
c/o The Florida Legislature
111 W. Madison Street, Room 812
Tallahassee FL 32393-1400
(850) 488-9330
(850) 487-6419
Rose Law Firm (Lake Mary 10)
Christian W. Marcelli
766 North Sun Drive, Suite 4030
Lake Mary FL 32746
(850) 656-4029
Represents: Lake Placid Utilities, Inc.
Interested Persons (1)
MCD Clerks of the Circuit Court (28)

Staff Assigned to Docket 20090531 A Pre-Hearing Officer was assigned on: 1/15/2010
PSC Staff
Commission Suite
All Commissioners -- Hearing Officer(s)
Ronald Brisé -- Pre-Hearing Officer
Division of Economic Regulation
Andrew Maurey
Cheryl Bulecza-Banks
Lydia Roberts
Robert Simpson
Shannon Hudson
Stanley Rieger
Stephen Fletcher
Office of Auditing and Performance Analysis
Kathryn Welch
Office of the General Counsel
Keino Young