WEEK OF DECEMBER 06 - 10, 2022

Division of Engineering
DOCKET : 20210192-WS
DOCKETED : 12/06/2021
PROGMOD : B.1.(d); B.1.(j)
COMPANY : Florida Community Water Systems, Inc.; Harbor Waterworks, Inc. (SU957); Lakeside Waterworks. Inc. (WS962); The Woods Utility Company (WS965); Jumper Creek Utility Company (WS969); Harbor Waterworks, Inc. (WU956); Brevard Waterworks, Inc. (WU965); Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc. (WU968); Raintree Waterworks, Inc. (WU969); Lake Idlewild Utility Company (WU970); Black Bear Waterworks, Inc. (WU974); Pine Harbour Waterworks, Inc. (WU978)
TITLE : Joint application for acknowledgment of corporate reorganization and approval of name changes on Certificate No. 654-W in Lake County from Black Bear Waterworks, Inc., Certificate No. 339-W in Lake County from Brendenwood Waterworks, Inc., Certificate No. 002-W in Brevard County from Brevard Waterworks, Inc., Certificate Nos. 522-W and 565-S in Lake County from Harbor Waterworks, Inc., Certificate Nos. 667-W and 507-S in Sumter County from Jumper Creek Utility Company, Certificate No. 531-W in Lake County from Lake Idlewild Utility Company, Certificate Nos. 567-W and 494-S in Lake County from Lakeside Waterworks, Inc., Certificate No. 450-W in Lake County from Pine Harbour Waterworks, Inc., Certificate No. 539-W in Lake County from Raintree Waterworks, Inc., Certificate Nos. 507-W and 441-S in Sumter County from The Woods Utility Company to Florida Community Water Systems, Inc.
OPR : ENG - No Lead OPR
OCR : ECO - Bruce, Sonica; Hudson, Shannon
S/C : Lherisson, Bianca

Office of Industry Development & Market Analysis
DOCKET : 20210193-TP
DOCKETED : 12/07/2021
PROGMOD : A.20.(f)
COMPANY : MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC d/b/a Verizon Access Transmission Services (TA005); Embarq Florida, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink (TL727); MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
TITLE : Request for approval of amendment to interconnection, unbundling, resale, and collocation agreement between Embarq Florida, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink and MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC (f/k/a MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC d/b/a Verizon Access Transmission Services).
OPR : IDM - Eastmond, Dale
S/C : Marzicola, Melinda