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How Do I Participate in Public Service Commission Cases?

There are two ways to participate in the proceedings before the Commission: as an "interested person" or as a formal "intervenor."
Intervenors and Interested Persons
Intervenors in rate case proceedings may file testimony, cross-examine witnesses, and be cross-examined themselves. Because formal participation is more demanding and technical in nature, that level of involvement is normally used by organizations with resources to hire attorneys, or by individuals who are very familiar with utility matters. Intervenor status must be approved by the Commission. Instructions on how to petition to become an intervenor are available from the PSC's Office of the General Counsel, (850) 413-6199.
The Office of Public Counsel (OPC) is authorized by law to represent consumers in proceedings before the PSC. The Office of Public Counsel can be reached at (850) 488-9330. Procedural requirements for participation in formal Commission hearings are codified in Chapter 25-22, Florida Administrative Code. The OPC's Web site is
Mailing List
The Office of Commission Clerk maintains mailing lists to keep interested persons informed of meetings, hearings, or other major steps in pending cases. Anyone wanting to be placed on the official docket mailing list of a particular utility case or on a general mailing list to receive notices of all hearings, workshops or meetings in a specific industry may contact the Office of Commission Clerk at (850) 413-6770.
Contact Information
The PSC has a professional staff who can assist consumers in resolution of particular concerns with their utility service. The consumer assistance number is 1-800-342-3552, or fax at 1-800-511-0809. Consumer assistance can also be obtained via E- mail at: Or write to the:
Florida Public Service Commission
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Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except state holidays.