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08/25/2006 Contact: 850-413-6482

Items of Interest at Upcoming Agenda Conference 8/29/06

TALLAHASSEE — The following items are among those scheduled for consideration by the Commission at the August 29, 2006, Agenda Conference:

ITEM 6: DOCKET NO. 041272-EI – PETITION FOR APPROVAL OF STORM COST RECOVERY CLAUSE FOR RECOVERY OF EXTRAORDINARY EXPENDITURES RELATED TO HURRICANES CHARLEY, FRANCES, JEANNE, AND IVAN, BY PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC.  The Commission will consider a settlement agreement between Progress Energy and the parties to its 2004 storm docket that proposes to extend the existing storm surcharge an additional 12 months.

ITEM 7: DOCKET NO. 060198-EI – REQUIREMENT FOR INVESTOR-OWNED ELECTRIC UTILITIES TO FILE ONGOING STORM PREPAREDNESS PLANS AND IMPLEMENTATION COST ESTIMATES. The Commission will consider a staff recommendation addressing the adequacy of the investor-owned electric utility plans for implementing initiatives for ongoing storm preparedness identified in Order No. PSC -06-0351- PAA -EI.

ITEM 8:  DOCKET NO. 060531-EU – REVIEW OF ALL ELECTRIC UTILITY WOODEN POLE INSPECTION PROGRAMS. The Commissioners will consider the adequacy of electric utility wooden pole inspection programs submitted by investor-owned, municipal and cooperative utilities relating to Commission Order No. PSC -06-0144- PAA -EI.

ITEM 9: DOCKET NO. 060426-EI – PETITION FOR EXEMPTION UNDER RULE 25-22.082(18), F.A.C., FROM ISSUING REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFPs), BY FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY.  The Commissioners will consider whether or not to grant FP&L’s petition for exemption from the RFP requirement for its next planned advanced technology coal generating units.