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10/20/2006 Contact: 850-413-6482

Items of Interest at Upcoming Agenda Conference 10/24/06

TALLAHASSEE — The following items are among those scheduled for consideration by the Commission at the October 24, 2006, Agenda Conference:

ITEM 8: DOCKET NO. 060077-TL – PROPOSAL TO REQUIRE LOCAL EXCHANGE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES TO IMPLEMENT TEN-YEAR WOOD POLE INSPECTION PROGRAMS. The Commission will consider a staff recommendation to approve Embarq’s revised wood pole inspection plan.

ITEM 14: DOCKET NO. 0600198-EI – REQUIREMENT FOR INVESTOR-OWNED ELECTRIC UTILITIES TO FILE ONGOING STORM PREPAREDNESS PLANS AND IMPLEMENTATION COST ESTIMATES. The Commission will consider a staff recommendation on the revised vegetation management plans of Progress Energy Florida, Inc. and Gulf Power Company and whether or not those plans are in compliance with Order No. PSC-06-0351-PAA-EI.

ITEM 15: DOCKET NO. 060577-EI – PETITION TO CONVERT GREEN POWER PRICING RESEARCH PROJECT TO PERMANENT PROGRAM AND TO EXTEND PROGRAMS TO COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS, BY FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY. The Commission will consider a staff recommendation regarding Florida Power & Light’s petition to convert its Green Power Pricing Research program to permanent status and to extend the program to commercial customers.

ITEM 19: DOCKET NO. 060573-EQ – PETITION OF TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANY FOR APPROVAL OF 2006 SMALL POWER PRODUCTION AGREEMENT WITH CITY OF TAMPA. The Commission will consider a staff recommendation to approve the agreement between TECO and the City of Tampa for the purchase of an incremental 3.5 MW of capacity and energy from the McKay Bay Refuse to Energy Facility owned by the City of Tampa.