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01/30/2004 Contact: 850-413-6482

Items of Interest at Upcoming Agenda Conference, 2/3/04

TALLAHASSEE — The following items are among those scheduled for consideration by the Commission at its February 3, 2004, Agenda Conference.



ITEM 5 - DOCKET NO. 030851-TP – IMPLEMENTATION OF REQUIREMENTS ARISING FROM FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION’S TRIENNIAL UNE REVIEW:  LOCAL CIRCUIT SWITCHING FOR MASS MARKET CUSTOMERS.  The Commission will consider  a staff recommendation regarding a motion to reconsider an underlying order denying AARP’s intervention  in this docket.


ITEM 7 - DOCKET NO. 000121A-TP – INVESTIGATION INTO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEMS PERMANENT PERFORMANCE MEASURES FOR INCUMBENT LOCAL EXCHANGE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES.  (BELLSOUTH TRACK) The Commission will consider a staff recommendation regarding how BellSouth’s voluntary remedy payments for providing non-compliant performance to CLECs should be modified to incorporate the severity of a BellSouth performance measure failure.