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03/01/2007 Contact: 850-413-6482


TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) marked the benefits of energy conservation and demand-side management programs in its annual report (Report) on activities related to the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA).  The PSC sets energy savings goals for the seven electric utilities subject to FEECA, and the Report, delivered to the Governor and the Legislature today, describes the utilities' efforts.

The PSC reviews demand-side management goals for the utilities at least once every five years, and each utility files its plans for meeting those objectives with the Commission.  A variety of programs for residential and commercial customers include incentives for conducting energy audits, installing energy-efficient equipment, and reducing electrical consumption during peak periods.  Since 1980, these demand-side management programs have reduced the state's summer peak electrical demand by nearly 5,000 megawatts (MW) and winter peak demand by more than 5,500 MW.  By conserving energy, Floridians have deferred the need for building ten 500 MW power plants, the equivalent of enough electricity for 1.6 million households.

 The PSC has recently approved several new and revised conservation programs sponsored by the utilities.  By using these programs, consumers are expected to reduce summer and winter peak demand by an additional 798 and 861 MW, respectively, by 2015.

 "By conserving energy and generating electricity with renewables, we can reduce our dependence on oil and natural gas," said PSC Chairman Lisa Polak Edgar. 

 The Report shows that 1,100 MW of electricity came from renewable sources (municipal solid waste, biomass, hydropower, and landfill gas) last year.

The PSC is committed to making sure that Florida's consumers receive their electric, natural gas, telephone, water, and wastewater services in a safe, affordable, and reliable manner. The PSC exercises regulatory authority over utilities in the areas of rate base/economic regulation; competitive market oversight; and monitoring of safety, reliability, and service.

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