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  • Searching for phrases - Specifying more than one search term searches for both. Public and Service searches for documents containing both "Public" and "Service", giving highest relevance to those with the phrase "Public Service". If you want to search for the exact phrase "Public Service", hyphenate all the words together, e.g. Tampa-Electric-Company.
  • Wildcards - The wildcard (*) represents one or more unspecified characters in the search term. For example, searching for electr* will include matches for “electric”, “electronic” and “electronically”.
  • To exclude words, use the minus sign - If you are searching for the word “Public” but wish to exclude all documents containing the phrase “Public Service”, type a minus sign before “Service”, i.e. search for Public  -Service.
  • Two phrases - To search for two phrases, hyphenate the phrases, e.g., if you are searching for "Public Service" and "electric company", type "Public-Service" and "electric-company".

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