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top navigation menu photo Top navigation menu
One of the most prominent new features of the new site design is the top navigation menu. To use the menu, roll your mouse over one of the sections in the blue bar above and a drop down menu will appear below the section name. Then, move your mouse down the list to select where you want to go. Alternatively, you can click the section name to bypass the menu and access more information.

side bar navigation menu photo  

Side bar navigation menu
On the left of your screen is a new side bar that provides quick access to searching, browsing the site map, and all pages that are in the section you are currently under. To use the side bar navigation menu, roll your mouse over any of the links and click them to navigate around the section. To change sections, click the section name in the top navigation bar, or select a page under a section by using the top navigation menu. For example: if you are viewing any page under the "About the PSC" section, you will see a list of all pages in that section on the left side bar navigation menu.

Bread crumb trail photo Bread crumb trail
Just like leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind you, you can always find your way back through the hierarchy of the site by looking at the new bread crumb trail below the top navigation bar. Any time you are on a page other than the home page, you can see where you are in relation to other pages in the site, and you can click on any of them that are underlined links to navigate further up the hierarchy.

search text box photo Quick Search
Above the side bar navigation menu on the left is a handy Quick Search text box. This enables you to quickly search the entire PSC web site for any occurrences of the text you enter. To perform a quick search, type in your search query in the box and press the enter key. For more information on how to use search, please see the help section of the search page, which can be found by clicking the "Advanced Search" link below the Quick Search box.

Site Map Photo Interactive Site Map
The interactive site map is displayed in a pop-up panel. The web pages are shown in a hierarchical structure reflecting the design and contents of our website. A plus sign preceding a link indicates that it can be expanded to reveal more links. Similarly, you can click on a minus sign to collapse the link.

Slide menu photo Slide Menu
A new feature to the home and consumer assistance pages is the addition of a Slide Menu tool that enables you to more easily find what you are looking for at Information found in the slide menu is grouped into sections, and each section can be viewed by clicking on the section header. To hide all sections, click the currently active section header. (Note: The icon External link indicates links external to the PSC.)

News ticker photo News Ticker
A new news ticker at the bottom of the PSC home page displays the 5 latest news release headlines in a ticker format. To view the news release, click on the title while it is still on the screen. If you missed it, or you would like to see all news releases, click the View All link below the ticker.

RSS photo RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a relatively new internet technology designed to provide subscribers with information on the latest updates to specific web sites. RSS technology is commonly used in the news industry because subscribers automatically receive the latest information updates. At the PSC, we provide RSS feeds for our News Releases and Special Reports. Read our RSS page for details.