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Consumer Brochures


  • A Guide to Utility Assistance in Florida (PDF file size=182KB) This publication provides contact information for Floridas electric utilities, so consumers can call them directly to tap into the large network of social-service organizations located in their service territories.

  • Conservation House (PDF file size=222KB) Find energy savings in your home.

  • Conserve Your World - Florida Public Service Commission This booklet gets right to the heart of conservation. It contains a variety of ideas on ways to use energy and water wisely and to make homes more energy-efficient. PDF version of brochure (file size = 809KB).

  • Consumer Publications Available from the FPSC (PDF file size= 27KB)  Order form listing current PSC publications.

  • Florida Be Prepared (PDF file size= 493KB)  The Florida Public Service Commission recommends you use the following checklist to "be prepared" in case of power outages and other utility service interruptions during extreme weather.

  • FPSC Facts and Figures (PDF file size= 24KB)  This one-page information sheet contains facts about the PSC's evolution as a government entity, its operating statistics, what the PSC regulates, and how Commissioners are selected.

  • Get Wise and Conserve Florida! (PDF file size= 4.6MB)  A popular publication for children, this is a 17-page student resource guide full of tips and games for making the Earth a better place.

  • Hurricane House (PDF file size= 231KB)  Hurricane season is from June through November. Be prepared!

  • If You Have a Problem with Utility Service or Rates (PDF file size= 224KB)  You are entitled to receive safe, adequate utility service at reasonable rates. The rates and service of investor-owned utility companies in Florida are regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission.

  • Love Saving Energy? (PDF file size = 129KB) Conservation begins with you, and the things you do at home every day! Making your home more energy efficient with ENERGY STAR appliances can help reduce high energy bills, improve comfort, and help protect the environment.

  • Scam Alert Protect Yourself! Dont be a target! Fighting back against scammers who impersonate utilities, the Florida Public Service Commission is warning consumers about recent e-mail, phone, phishing, and marketing scams and providing tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Utility Ratemaking in Florida (PDF file size= 222KB)  The Florida Statutes (laws) establish the powers and responsibilities of the Florida Public Service Commission as regulator of the public utilities in the state.

  • When To Call The PSC (PDF file size= 50KB)  To help consumers receive responsive action to their concerns, here is a basic guide identifying when to contact the FPSC for help on various utility service issues.

  • Where To Find Help In Florida (PDF file size= 579KB)   If you or someone in your family is having difficulty paying telephone, electric or natural gas bills, this booklet can help you find sources of assistance in Florida.

Electric and Gas

  • Electric Power Interruptions (PDF file size= 189KB)  Brief disruptions in electric service, usually lasting no longer than a few seconds are called momentary power interruptions or momentary outages. Learn more about general electric safety tips, and how to minimize the effects of these power interruptions.

  • Natural Gas Utility Regulation in Florida (PDF file size= 274KB)  "Did You Know" that besides the investor-owned natural gas utilities, there are 27 municipally owned systems and four special gas districts. Look inside to find out more.

  • Smart Meters (PDF file size= 50KB)  The PSCs jurisdiction over smart meters and information on health and data security/privacy is provided in this one-page document.

  • Reducing Electric Costs The time of day when electricity is used can make a big difference to Florida, and ultimately, to you. By practicing "reducing electric costs" you can help reduce electric demand during peak times of the day, thereby reducing the overall cost of power in Florida.
    PDF Version of brochure (PDF file size= 148KB)

  • Twenty Summer Energy Tips That Really Work Summer tips to save energy and keep you cool during those hot months.

  • What You Need to Know About Electric & Natural Gas Service Provides explanations of your rights and responsibilities as a customer of an electric or natural gas company regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission.


Water and Wastewater

  • Drop by Drop: Save Money on Your Water Bill (PDF foldable version) (file size = 207KB) Presents a variety of indoor and outdoor water-saving tips to help conserve water and trim your bill. This colorful brochure also tells how to read a water meter and check for leaks.

  • Price Index and Pass Through Rate Adjustments for Water and Wastewater Utilities Price index and pass through rate adjustments allow water and wastewater utilities to keep up with rising industry costs without a full rate proceeding. Look inside to learn more about the policies and procedures related to these increases. (PDF Size = 133KB)

  • Rate Case Procedures For Water And Wastewater Provides a more detailed explanation of the various types of rate case proceedings specific to water and wastewater. This is important to consumers in understanding how their rates can be affected.
    PDF version of brochure (file size = 471KB)

  • Water Management in Florida Read about Florida water facts, smart water use tips, and water management districts.
    PDF version of brochure (file size = 182KB)

  • Your Water & Wastewater Service Provides explanations of some of the policies and procedures regarding specific issues, such as initiation of service, customer deposits, rate structure, billing practices, meter problems and service interruptions.
    PDF version of brochure (file size = 83KB)

  • Water Wiser An original short play, Water Wiser, encourages students to think about and discuss our drinking water resource and the need to conserve it, using understandable examples like the water wasted from a leaky faucet. (PDF File size = 59KB)