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Service Quality Reports for:
Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.

The Bureau of Telecommunications Service Quality, Certification, and Enforcement Engineers of the Florida Public Service Commission’s Division of Competitive Markets and Enforcement conduct field evaluations of the telecommunications services provided by Interexchange Companies (IXCs) operating within the state of Florida. Section 364.08(1), Florida Statues, mandates that “A telecommunications company may not charge, demand, collect, or receive for any service rendered or to be rendered any compensation other than the charge applicable to such service as specified in its schedule on file and in effect at that time. A telecommunications company may not refund or remit, directly or indirectly, any portion of the rate or charge so specified or extend to any person any advantage of contract or agreement or the benefit of any rule or regulation or any privilege or facility not regularly and uniformly extended to all persons under like circumstances for like or substantially similar service.”

The service evaluation objectives for the IXCs are: (1) to evaluation the company’s timing and billing of calls; and (2) to verify that the company is billing per the tariff or price list on file with the Commission.

  • Inter-LATA 1+ Timing Accuracy
  • Inter-LATA 1+ Billing Accuracy
  • Inter-LATA 1+ Billing per Tariff
  • Inter-LATA Calling Card Timing Accuracy
  • Inter-LATA Calling Card Billing Accuracy
  • Inter-LATA Calling Card Billing per Tariff
Quality of Service Reports (1)
Report Date PDF Size (KB) Report
January 2002 6 [View]