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GT Com

The Bureau of Telecommunications Service Quality, Certification, and Enforcement Engineers of the Florida Public Service Commission’s Division of Competitive Markets and Enforcement conduct field evaluations of the telecommunications services provided by Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs) operating within the state of Florida. Section 364.01(4)(c), Florida Statues, mandates that the Commission “Protect the public health, safety, and welfare by ensuring that monopoly services provided by telecommunications companies continue to be subject to effective price, rate, and service regulation.”

The service evaluation objectives for the ILECs are: (1) to evaluate a company’s performance based on service standards and rules; (2) to verify the service results the companies reported to the Commission on a periodic basis; (3) to determine if the company has corrected, or is in the process of correcting, all deficiencies found in previous evaluations; and (4) compliance with applicable Service Guarantee programs.

  • Answer Time, which includes Voice and TDD calls to both Business Office and Repair Service
  • Adequacy of Directory Services, which includes Directory Review and New Number in Directory Assistance
  • Availability of Service (Installation)
  • Subscriber Loops - Transmission
  • Repair Service, which includes Out of Service Restored within 24 Hours, Service Affecting Restored within 72 Hours and Rebates
  • Periodic Report Review
  • Safety, which includes Ground Deficiencies
  • Timing and Billing Accuracy, which includes Intra-LATA 1+ and calling card, and Directory Assistance Billing
  • 9-1-1 Emergency Service, which includes Voice and TDD call completions
Quality of Service Reports (1)
Report Date PDF Size (KB) Report
June 2004 99 [View]