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Service Quality Reports

Local Exchange Telephone Company
Code Company Name (13) Reports
TL720 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ818 Dial-Around Telecom, Inc. [Reports]
TL727 Embarq (Sprint-Florida, Incorporated) [Reports]
TL732 Frontier Communications of the South, Inc. [Reports]
TL719 GT Com [Reports]
TL712 ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc. [Reports]
TK162 ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc. [Reports]
TL715 NEFCOM (Northeast Fla Telephone Company) [Reports]
TX227 NOS Communications, Inc. d/b/a International Plus d/b/a O11 Communications d/... [Reports]
TL731 Smart City Telecommunications LLC d/b/a Smart City Telecom [Reports]
TL718 TDS Telecom/Quincy Telephone [Reports]
TL710 Verizon Florida LLC [Reports]
TL716 Windstream Florida, Inc. (ALLTEL Florida, Inc.) [Reports]
Competitive Local Exchange Telephone Company
Code Company Name (13) Reports
TX892 Supra Telecommunications and Information Systems, Inc. [Reports]
Inter-Exchange Telephone Company
Code Company Name (13) Reports
TK094 ABA Net, LLC [Reports]
TK011 Acceris Communications Corp. of Florida/World xChange [Reports]
TJ352 ACN Communication Services, Inc. [Reports]
TJ555 Advantage Group of Florida Communications, L.L.C. [Reports]
TI962 Affinity 4 [Reports]
TJ212 Allegiance Telecom of Florida, Inc. [Reports]
TJ156 Alliance Group Services, Inc. [Reports]
TI498 ALLTEL Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ049 Americatel Corporation [Reports]
TJ615 AT&T Communications of the Southern States, LLC [Reports]
TI684 AT&T Long Distance / SBC Long Distance [Reports]
TI443 Atlas Communications, Ltd. [Reports]
TJ790 Azul Tel, Inc. [Reports]
TI554 BellSouth Long Distance, Inc. [Reports]
TJ414 Birch [Reports]
TI011 Blueridge Telecom Systems / NOS Communications [Reports]
TJ778 Broadwing Communications, LLC [Reports]
TI022 Business Telecom, Inc. d/b/a BTI [Reports]
TI817 Cable & Wireless USA, Inc. [Reports]
TJ751 Capsule Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TI140 Cincinnati Bell Any Distance Inc. / Broadwing Telecommunications [Reports]
TJ777 Cleartel Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TI935 Coast International, Inc. [Reports]
TJ400 COMTECH 21, LLC [Reports]
TK028 Comtel Telcom Assets LP d/b/a Excel Telecommunications [Reports]
TK025 Comtel Telcom Assets LP d/b/a VarTec Telecom and Clear Choice Communications [Reports]
TI446 Corporate Services Telcom, Inc. [Reports]
TI119 Covista, Inc [Reports]
TJ623 Easton Telecom Services, L.L.C. [Reports]
TI922 Excel Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ398 First Communications, LLC [Reports]
TJ431 Frontier Communications of America, Inc. [Reports]
TI720 Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TI256 Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TI033 Group Long Distance, Inc. [Reports]
TI791 GT Com Long Distance [Reports]
TI182 Gulf Long Distance, Inc. [Reports]
TJ987 IDS Telcom Corp. d/b/a Cleartel Communications [Reports]
TJ500 IDS Telcom LLC [Reports]
TJ107 IDT America Corp. d/b/a DSA Telecom [Reports]
TI568 I-Link Communciations, Inc [Reports]
TI450 INCOMM / US South Communications [Reports]
TI005 Incomnet Communications Corporation [Reports]
TI889 ITC^DeltaCom [Reports]
TI425 LDMI Telecommunications [Reports]
TI189 Lightyear Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ900 Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC [Reports]
TI299 Matrix Telecom [Reports]
TI642 NEFCOM Communications [Reports]
TI675 Net One International, Inc. [Reports]
TI917 One Call Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ759 OneStar Communications, LLC [Reports]
TJ132 PaeTec Communications, Inc [Reports]
TI346 PowerNet Global Communications / PNG Telecommunications [Reports]
TI364 Primus Telecommunications, Inc. [Reports]
TI215 Qwest Communications Corporation [Reports]
TI401 RSL COM U.S.A., Inc. [Reports]
TJ471 Smart City Telecommunications LLC d/b/a Smart City Telecom [Reports]
TI793 Sprint Communications Company [Reports]
TK001 Sprint Long Distance / Embarq Communications [Reports]
TJ198 Startec Global Licensing Company [Reports]
TK051 STARTEC Global Operating Company [Reports]
TI635 Supra Telecommunications and Information Systems, Inc. [Reports]
TI076 Talk America Inc. [Reports]
TJ402 TDS Long Distance Corporation [Reports]
TJ206 TelCove Investment, LLC (Adelphia) [Reports]
TI906 Teleconnect Long Distance Services and Systems Co. d/b/a Telecom*USA or Telec... [Reports]
TI307 Touch 1 Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TI516 TQG Communications, Corp. / TelQuest Communications [Reports]
TJ128 Trinsic Communications, Inc. / Z-Tel [Reports]
TJ644 UCN, Inc. - Buyers United Inc. [Reports]
TJ057 US LEC of Florida Inc. [Reports]
TI291 VarTec Solutions, Inc. / Emeritus [Reports]
TI070 VarTec Telecom, Inc. [Reports]
TJ032 Verizon Business Services / MCI Communications [Reports]
TI530 Verizon Enterprise Solutions / Nynex Long Distance [Reports]
TI483 Verizon Long Distance / Bell Atlantic [Reports]
TJ355 Vycera Communications, Inc. / Genesis Communications [Reports]
TK045 Windstream Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TI063 Working Assets Long Distance [Reports]
TJ530 WorldxChange Communications, Inc. [Reports]
TJ949 XO Communications Services, Inc. [Reports]
TJ112 XO Florida, Inc. [Reports]
TJ607 Yak Communications (America), Inc. [Reports]
TJ967 Zone Telecom, Inc. [Reports]
TJ467 Zone Telecom, Inc. [Reports]