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E-Tariff Pilot Program

Updated on April 17, 2006
The Division of Competitive Markets and Enforcement proposed, and the Commission approved, an E-Tariff Pilot Program.The pilot began on July 1, 2004 as a six-month trial for a limited number of participants and was designed to streamline the telephone tariff and price list filing process by eliminating the need for companies to file hard copies of each tariff filing.The program has been extended while a permanent E-Tariff system is developed, however no new participants have been added.
Participating companies file their tariffs electronically and receive an automated response acknowledging receipt or rejection of the filing. Upon receipt, filings are available for download from the Commission website. Only tariffs filed by the participating companies will be available online from the Commission website.
The following companies are participating in the E-Tariff program. The company code following each company name is a clickable link to the Master Commission Directory entry (and downloadable files) for each Company:
Code Legend – “TL” – ILEC Company, “TA” and “TX” – CLEC Company, “TI” and “TJ” – IXC Company)
When companies file electronically, the Tariff Filing Information System (TFIS) database will upload the filing in PDF format to the Commission website, making the filing available on the Internet. In addition to the availability of electronically filed tariffs on the Commission website, the companies also maintain their complete tariffs online at their websites.
Please direct all inquiries related to the E-Tariff Pilot Program to Jeff Bates at